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Save your marriage under God, the one who created and established marriage. Your marriage can be led back to the truth and healed from within by your faith and trust in God. Take back your marriage!

Frank and Angie, married 38 years share the good news about the sanctity of marriage and family. Gods truth and wisdom is not going away because it is the foundation and heart of the world. It's how life began. All we have to do is walk in the truth and the light that God has provided for us through His Word.


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1. Unfaithfulness - Physical & Emotional (PDF) 
2. Alcoholism - Addiction (PDF) 
3. Unbelief - Lack of Godly Wisdom & Truth (PDF) 
4. Feminism - Confusion of Roles (PDF) 
5. Lack of communication/intimacy - (PDF)

If you don't want a divorce then you both have to realize the world is full of lies and deception. The material on this website might shock you because you have been deceived in the churches. Be patient and pray about it. If you are genuinely searching for answers, God will show you the way as we offer support for your marriage and family life.

This marriage healing website has tons of God-self-help information to guide you on the path that leads to true marriage healing. don't just read what the material says, do it.  

We have donated many hours of research, study, prayer and service to bring you a marriage healing website that will help your marriage with the TRUE WORD OF GOD for marriage. We are missionaries in Ecuador being examples of Godly family life and marriage to whomever has ears to hear and eyes to see. MARRIAGE BELONGS TO GOD.




Life is beautiful when we have God in our lives!































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The Alcoholism Trap

This book is written for both the alcoholic and the person who loves the alcoholic. Understanding why you drink and what you can do to get sober for good
Available as ePub here!


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How Should I Love My Wife?
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Forgive Adultery For Good!

Holy Matrimony Certificate vs. Marriage license



 Copyright  2002 - 2022  Heaven Ministries Marriage Healing Ministry - All Rights Reserved