The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2)



Thank you Angie and Frank! I read your book about Detaching from the Alcoholic Spouse over the weekend. Your words rang true deep within my heart. Actually, on the way to church, my son, who is studying with Moody Bible college almost repeated verbatim what you wrote! May God bless you and your husband with this very real ministry.

Angie, First of  all I have to tell you that your weekly newsletters in my inbox keep me going! I know that God directed me straight to this website because the few articles I have read that you all have wrote on forgiveness has really gave me conformation through my situation.

Dear Angie and Frank its a blessing to find this great sight of encouragement, you are doing a great job for Christ and if all are to understand the word of the lord or have such great advice and encouragements, many marriages will not fail today.
I was such the internet when i came across your sight and it has been a blessing ever since.

Hi Frank and Angie,
I just wanted to let you know how blessed I was reading the e-book, “How do I detach....?” To me this was a confirmation what the Holy Spirit has been leading, teaching and guiding me in all along for the last 5 yrs of separation from my alcoholic husband. I was just as sick as my husband was and its been through this separation I began to get healthy. I have learned how to detach from my husband and the alcoholism.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -- B

First, thank you for your very informative website. I find the information very helpful. Second, The information shared has helped open my eyes to how I Love and Respect my wife. Thank you in advance, J.L 

Hi Frank and Angie , Your ministry is a blessing. Your ministry is a great source of advice to me on day to day life, a tutor and a marriage counselor too. Please keep me in prayer, Sister J.

Dearest Angie, I personally wish to send you gratitude for what your mission is and answering your call.

Dear Angie - Your response is one more testimony that God hears me and my prayers. With all my heart, I thank you for your ministry and generosity!Happy Thanksgiving! -- D.

Hello Angie and Frank
I wanted to thank you for all the help you have unknowingly provided to me over the last year and a half. I would like to express to you my appreciation and admiration for the work of God that you do. It has truly been a lifeline for me. Peace  A.M

Dear Angie,
I  want to thank you for the materials that God has enabled you to write. 
I wanted to share this with you so that you can give glory to God with me for allowing yourselves to be used as his vessels to speak truth into the darkness of addictive situations and broken marriages.
All glory to God,
In Christ,
Hi Angie,
I started reading your book last night, and although I am only on page 16, it has already helped me understand so much. I woke up this morning feeling so much more peaceful then I have been in a very long time. I look forward to reading the rest of it and sharing it with my partner. Thank you for writing it:) -- M.

I LOVE YOUR column and I have your book.   I thought I was detaching but after reading today I realize I have a long ways to go..  

Hi Angie,
How are you and your husband? I must commend you both for the great job the Lord is using you to do in this ministry, and have been a great source of inspiration to me.

I’ve been searching around online for some good godly advice and I always end up at your site.

Mrs. Lewis, I just completed reading your article "Should A Christian Wife Submit." I love authentic advise.

I praise God that while I was surfing on the internet I came across your website.  The information that I have read has been very helpful. God Bless You, C.A

Just wanted to say what good work you are doing in helping people overcome infidelity.

I am subscribed to your newsletter which has been helping me a lot in my troubled marriage. I am married to an alcoholic

Thank you Angie and Frank for having to share real life marriage testimonies of what mothers and fathers are going through in their marriage. As a new comer to the page, i realized that all the advise given to the troubled wife is indeed true and challenging at the same time. 
I would like to thank you for the effort put into providing women with advise and courage to face their fears in their marriage. Have a blessed day in Lord, Regards, J.K

Dear Angie, Greetings and Happy New Year to you and Frank. I am blessed to be subscribed to your Marriage Column and it has been of great help to us. Thank you once again and I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Blessed and Prosperous 2011. God Bless you and your Ministries.

Angie, I have been reading your newsletters and your advice has been helpful on my part. Thank You, S.

Dear our brother Frank and Angie
Praise the Lord. I am so happy to visit your wonderful website and know your ministry among marriage families. You are doing wonderful work for the Lord. Yours in His service Pastor P. and P. 


Thank you, your site has been eye-opening and it has enforced the things that my husband has been trying for the longest to enlighten me in...LIVING IN THE LIGHT. The thing about it is that I am the saved, baptized one in our relationship, we have been experiencing marital problems for the past 5 years and living separated now for almost 4 years. I believe that I have now found the answer to my prayers and I am working on ME so that I can become the woman GOD desires me to be!!! Please pray for me and for the restoration of my marriage. 2011 is the year that God will restore everything the devil tried to steal!

Thank you for this Ministry. I've been blessed with understanding. Please pray for me and my lovely and faithful wife for healing and restoration. Thank you!

I want to thank you for all you're doing to help those who are living with this disease. I stumbled across your website last week on my 21st anniversary. After 20 years of doing it the wrong way and separating from my husband, I found Al-Anon and began my life anew.
Everything you say Everything you say is so true. The first benefit of detachment is that you find peace within yourself. As you gain strength, you begin to realize that you'll be fine whether the alcoholic gets help or not. You're living your life for yourself, your children, your job, your friends..... the good stuff. I'm still saddened by the loss of the marriage I wanted to have, but I know I can remain committed to him (in an emotionally safe way) and have a great life at the same time. I wish you and your family a very happy new year.

Hi, I downloaded your ebook How to Detach... Info has been very helpful! Thanks for your time & thanks for all the info! T. 

Dear Angie,
I am subscribed to your newsletter which has been helping me a lot in my troubled marriage...

I want to think you for letting God speak through you here...I needed this today. 

Your articles are a source of encouragement to me. I ran across your site while researching information on divorcement. I am a 57 yo man from NJ. After 32 yrs my wife left 3 yrs ago. I've heard , including in Christian divorce counseling ,advice that really runs the full spectrum. I have trusted to let God lead me on this. I still seem to be a bit unclear on direction. Your articles help....keep up the good work. Any resources would be appreciated.


Dear Angie and Frank,

I have read a good number of your articles online and I have been richly blessed.

I like to say a very big thank you for your help and devotion to marriage issues. God bless you.  


I want to thank you Angie for your transparency and for your article “Overcoming Addiction”. 1st I am addict. Until Friday I was drug free for a year. Much of what you wrote was very true for me in my life. Last night I prayed and sought Gods will about this, but I had so many thoughts flooding my head I couldn’t think and went to bed.. Today I awoke and began reading your page after some googling. Your brief testimony and direction in addictions have led a few things.

1."For God did not give us a Spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7
2.All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." 2 Timothy 3:15-16

I just found your ezine article "My Wife Won't Forgive Me! (Part 2 of 2)" an unfaithful Husband. 
I know that I have repented, and that God has restored my relationship with him.  I am now a month into the journey of God restoring my marriage.  Your article provided me practical advice that I found much joy in. Thank you for sharing your story, and for the information on your site.  I know that God is working on my behalf.  I found it very helpful to have practical - tangible ideas of what I should be doing as the one that sinned.  Thank you, and God Bless you.

Thank you for your site, I have enjoyed reading through it. Your site has helped me to forgive my cheating husband and encouraged me that God can reconcile our marriage. Thanks and God Bless you, R.G

Dear in the lord Jesus,
We highly appreciate for all you do for us! the messages you send have changed our lives and many marriages are healing in Jesus name. and we kindly request you to come and visit Uganda to share the word of wisdom from above with us. God bless you in all you do for God.
With Love, Pr. C.B

Thanks for your ministry.  Very important and helpful.  Praise God!!!

Dear Angie and Frank, I thank you guys for sending this kind of uplifting article always in my ebox. May the Lord richly bless you and your relationship as well. Hope to find and hear more advices from you....Sincerely, C. 

Dear Angie – I am a married man looking to improve my marriage.  I Googled “God Purpose Sex” this morning and was directed to your article on   "What is God's Purpose For Sex" and then to your ministry website.  I read many of the your articles and they have helped me get back in touch with better ways of thinking about my marriage.  I will pursue these truths further in the coming days and weeks.  I just wanted to thank you and your husband for your ministry and presenting again God’s truth in your words and experience; thank you both for sharing.  May God Bless you both and his ministry through you. - L.

Hi Angie. I read all of the articles on your website on addiction in marriage.  I came across it via google and it gave me hope, as in my heart I know I didn't marry the wrong person, even though people on the outside would try and say different.  Too many people give advice to 'jump ship', but I know divorce has it's own inherent problems.  I have learnt so many strategies for living life in peace, no matter what the circumstances.  It means a lot to me to have you and your husband praying for my husband and marriage.  I look forward to reading more on your website and going back to the material when I need a little encouragement! Thanks again, 

Angie~ Your reply to me through your weekly column was the confirmation I needed.  Thank you so much. The Lord has been  silent as I have been praying for wisdom in all things concerning my husband and seeking a divorce from him. The divorce question will be left to my husband as you advised. I pray I can have a "do over" in my marriage and be the godly wife God intended me to be.  I want a Christ centered marriage and to serve God together as a family.  That is my dream for the future.  I am a child from divorce parents also due to adultery.  My grandparents also divorced for the same reason.  I want to break this curse so my girls never will have to endure this...God has been so faithful and has drawn my girls (24, 19, 17) close to Him.  He has protected us, provided for us, and is healing our broken hearts.  God bless you for the ministry you do.  I feel God lead me to your website. 

Hi, this isn't so much a request for marriage guidance, but a thank you for this website (Heaven Ministries).  It has answered questions that have remained unanswered for me for a long time and very few people actually understand that I'm not mad to stay with my husband who's an alcoholic binge drinker.  I am a Christian and love my husband.  We need more articles of this type, as opposed to 'get rid' and move on advice.  Anyway, thanks again you have really encouraged me and given me hope.

Dear Angie and Frank, I am so glad that i found your site!! I have been dealing with finding out my husband cheated for about a month. Please Angie Pray for me because it is really affecting me physically and mentally!!!

I am really bless with your mails about marriage. I want you to pray for me so that God will connect me with my help mate. may the lord bless you all in Jesus name.

I read your article on Healing a marriage after divorce, and I just have to say thank God for the wisdom he gave you to write that article. I will refer to it often to help remind me of the possibilities. 

Dear Angie and Frank, Thanks for the wonderful articles with biblical references on marriages that you give to all the queries sent to you. It does help a lot to read your emails.

Angie, I contacted you a couple years ago regarding my soon-to-be husband who had a drinking problem.  A lot has happened since then…we did get married and for awhile he seemed to do better… for awhile.  Jim even struck out on his own and bought out a business and has been seeing success!  But things started spiraling downhill awhile ago to the point where I was questioning my faith and God’s “unwillingness” to help.  Jim was changing and so was I.  Neither of us for the better.  Last week, I finally admitted to myself that my husband was an alcoholic (previously, I would admit he had a problem…but never admitted to anyone but myself that he was an alcoholic) and that it was time that I took responsibility for my actions as his enabler.  I journaled my thoughts and prayed again for the strength to step back from his addiction and be given the wisdom to know the difference between enabling and being a supportive wife. 

Sunday night, two days after my own admission, I got a call at work from my husband asking for help.  He had hit his personal rock bottom.  I was glad that with all we’d been through that he still knew he could count on me when the time came.  I picked Jim up and in tears he told me that he was an alcoholic and he needed help with his recovery.  Yesterday morning, I remembered I had purchased your book “The Alcoholism Trap”.  We sat down and read it aloud to each other.  Both of us found so much comfort in your words and the bible verses.  You are right…only God can delivery Jim.  And I believe that God has been trying to tell him for some time that he needed to make the change.  But it took Him to grab Jim by the scruff of the neck on Sunday and say “Son!  Enough!” for Jim to not only hear but to listen to his Father.  Thank you so much for the strength in your words!

Jim attended an AA meeting yesterday at a local church and will be attending another meeting tomorrow with a good friend of ours from church he saw at that meeting (we had no idea!  It was such a God thing!).  We realized how much we enjoyed reading together when we read your book, so I purchased a couples devotional.  I called our pastor and will be meeting with him as a couple to help strengthen our relationship with each other and with Christ because without Him this isn’t possible. 

I know the battle is not won and there is a long road and lifetime commitment involved.  But God is here!  And your book helped us to realize that.  Thank you, Angela!  And God bless you and your ministry! G.M

Thank you. I purchased your book, "Love the Women you Married" and read it three times so far. Its very inspirational when you are in the middle of a break up with your fiancée. I love her and miss her dearly. I just purchased your other book, "Love the Man you Married" and hope to send it to her. Sheeesh what a time to be going through. My pride and selfishness ruled over the Lord's Wisdom. I've learned through your book the importance of seeking the Lord's wisdom in my life. I guess its up to the Lord whether this relationship comes back together. I've just given it to the Lord. D.P

Hi Angie -
I really enjoy reading your columns; they have provided me with the strength that I need when feeling lonely and weak. S.L

God bless you guys. I love this website so much. I'm a newlywed and thank God I found a site that can serve as a godly older woman in my life on how to be a godly wife. Thank you guys so much. I was wondering if there is anyone I can contact with prayer requests?

I have recently began to read some of your articles through "The Vine". I found them rather interesting, but mostly inspirational. God Bless you for all that you do for those who often need words of guidance and encouragement. May God continue to use you as one of his servants to continue teaching people how we should live for our marriages in a world that is of us but not in us. Blessed, E.

Dear Frank n Angie
Thanx for the good work you are doing to help us sustain our marriages. Uganda Africa

I read your web page about living with a cheating spouse, and it gave me hope. Please help me to learn to pray so God will listen to me and save my marriage. Love L.

Thank you for just listening and not making me feel stupid. Yesterday was easier than the day before, I cried only a little, I went to our library and got some books to help me understand how to pray better and how to open my heart to Gods word. Again thank you, I am a member of your site now. You really made a difference THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Angie! God bless you! This article (Forgive and Love a Cheating Spouse) really touched me and I am sure that this is the word from God that I needed. I thank Him for using you. I recently found out that my husband cheated on me. I know that he loves me and I him. I realize that there are several reasons, some that you've mentioned that lead up to his ultimate act of actually having sex with another woman. I have prayed and asked God for a word; I've asked Him to show mr how to forgive my husband. My prayer has been answered. I will not only share this word with my husband but also with my family and friends so that they may be able to understand this situation. So that they will forgive him too and will understand why I will not give up on my marriage. God Bless You and again, thank you so much!

I have stumbled on a page on line you had on another website...and i like it so much i went to your site to see what other advice you can offer...and let me tell you...god is smiling on you and your family for all the help you have provided others... J.

Thank you so much for your time to answer. I have re-read your article on "Forgiveness". It truly an inspiration and a help. I am working on trying to forgive.  The road seems long but with the Lords help I am confident I will get there. Thank you for being such a blessing to many. If I have more concerns I will e-mail you again. S. 

Hello Angie,
Just to let you know that I have greatly benefited from your articles on marriage. I must say it saved my marriage of 30 years from going to the rocks. N.

I want to thank God for your obedience in sharing such insightful truths about marriage. I am presently in the middle of a crisis wherein my spouse cheated on me. I am devastated. I have committed myself to find out as much as possible about forgiveness. I have found your materials to be "a word in due season." I thank you for your sincerity. With Love and Appreciation. M.

Thank you so much for all you do. You do more for God than you do for your self and hope one day you will come to Uganda and teach us more. Be blessed in all you do. Pastor C. B.

Wow your piece on resentment was so powerful.  It really touched my heart.  I am dealing with a battle of resentment with my ex-boyfriend.  I feel resentment towards him that I am trying to let go.  I am getting over the hurt over the break up of our relationship and your piece really touched me.  I just felt that I should share that with you. Sincerely, K

Hi Angie,
Thank you for sending me your articles, I agree with you 100%

that people don't like to hear the truth about not getting divorce.

May the Lord Jesus give you the courage to speak the truth and only the truth

in his mighty Word. Jesus bless you! R.

Dear Angie and Frank,
Thank you for the truths you have been e-mailing to us. Gods way.
It was your e-mails that encouraged me to stay with my husband.
Praise God he is home now and the Lord is bringing healing in our lives
and our marriage. he is working and we attending the church where the truth
of Gods Word is been thought and is setting us free.
God has plans and using him and me.
God is restoring my sons relationship with him.
Praise God they are working together.
With God all things are possible and that what I get in your teachings
If the Lord leads pray for us.
Merry Christmas, Rusa

After having a terrible argument with my wonderful husband this morning, and hearing things from his mouth that left me feeling deserted, I turned to FaithWriters unaware there was a section on marriage. O.K. God, I'm listening. There were several articles appearing above yours, "Understanding Our Emotions". I read them but felt unfulfilled.
That's when I spotted "Understanding". You were able to hit the nail on the head in several ways. I haven't even finished reading the article but needed to tell you the peace that began to wash over me.

Congratulations on opening your heart to God and fulfilling a purpose He has for you through writing.I'm anxious to read more of your articles.

Thanks again! Be blessed and receive, M. B


Dear Angie

Thank you. I recently confronted my husband of 5 years about his adulterous affair.  I needed guidance on forgiveness & how to get rid of the anger, rage & hurt that the affair has caused within me.  Your article was very informative & helpful with many scriptures to keep in my spiritual bank.  Thank you for having the courage to write such an unconventional newsletter.  We live in unconventional times & it helps to know that Christian material is available for all types of marital problems.

Hi Angie,

I just wanted to leI just wanted to let you know that I'm amazed by the fact that I have seen 2 different counselors over the past few years and one immediately wanted to put me on anti-depressant medication (which I opted not to do) and the other was steering me down the "do whatever it takes...everyone will survive with or without one another" path.  And  the advice you have given me me over just the past month is what is hitting home and making sense! I even spent 4 days (24 hrs total) attending a long weekend seminar about "waking up and finding yourself" and that didn't even work. 
     I've read 3 of your newsletter articles found in the Heaven Ministries website and can relate to and understand what you are trying to teach people. The hard part is putting it all into real life play!

Just another little thank you to YOU!ll keep in touch as progress is made and/or if I'm stuck and can't move.



Please pray for my family .. My brother is suffering from depression and panic attacks. He is the bread winner at home helping to support our elderly parents and disabled sister ... there are times that he can't go to work and now his job is in jeopardy. Please pray for us he is under medical care but its God's help that we (he) needs ... he calls out to God for help ... and its so very hard to see him like this ... please, please pray for us. This is affecting our whole family and I can see the fear and desperation in all our faces ... please, hold us up in prayer.
God bless.


Dear Angie,

I am an extremely independent woman and found this article to be amazing. (Re: article on submission I was a teen bride and then remarried in my early 20's. That also failed. Now at 36, I am newly engaged and am in complete agreement with every word that was spoken in your article!
     For years I attempted to be 'equal' to my mate. It is only recently that I fully understand the Devin meaning of Christ wanting to have my helpmate lead and for us to go forth together. I know the reason it took me so long was due to my upbringing, the horrible childhood and a past that haunted me. I am very pleased to say the the Lord brought my fiancée and I together. He is God fearing, he wants to please me and our Father, he will not 'abuse' the fact that I completely submit to him. I know I can because I trust him with my life.
     Again, I wish to thank you for such an outstanding article.
God Bless,
T. B
Sacramento, CA


Hi Angie or do people call you "A.J."?

How have you been?  How is your son's health? Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Things have definitely improved on my end ... my attitude has changed for the better ... a lot is credited to YOU! My latest problem is that I have a very dear friend who I met through my daughter (our daughter's are best friends and
have been for 6 years) that is dieing from cancer.  She's been battling C for 3 years now and it's recently traveled to her brain and I don't know what to do.  She is well known throughout our community for her volunteer work and kind disposition.  She is/was a neonatal nurse at Loyola ... probably the most caring they ever had.  Everyone wants to
help her and her family, but we don't know what to do!  I constantly offer to watch her 2 daughters so that she and her husband can enjoy an evening alone but I want do do more.  She is such a special and wonderful person, why does this have to happen to her?!?!?!  I just don't get it.
Any advice would be deeply appreciated ... as I always value your thoughts.



Hello Angie,

God is good!
I'm thankful to you for sharing your encouraging that I've learned so many things, especially in my spiritual aspect, in so doing you are a blessing to everybody. 
     Once again thank you and may God continue to shower you His blessings and guide you always...

Respectfully Yours,


Dear Miss ANGIE,
God is able!
Thank you so much for sending me an inspirational message. It helps me a lot in strengthening my faith to the Lord. 

God bless you more!!!!


I would like to subscribe to your monthly newsletter. Thank you and more power. God Bless!


Dear Ma'am/Sir,
     Christian greetings! I'm requesting that your kind and gracious office please send my friend Christians newsletters entitled Detach With Love, Forgiveness, Submission, More on Submission, and On Knowing Ourselves.  Please let us pray for him as well as he will get to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and that he may grow in God's saving Knowledge. I'll be grateful with all my heart in your good office if you will give attention to my letter and request. Thank you very much.
Very Truly Yours,
From Philippines


I would like to know more about marriage.


Thank you and God Bless


God Bless!


Thank you for your newsletters!


Pray for my wife and daughter, they went to Mexico. Thank you.



Please send me newsletters on issues regarding marriage, and how would our marriage become better.....


I do appreciate this ministry. It is so encouraging in my daily walk with Christ. I will keep you in my prayers in all your daily duties. 


Looking for some advice.


Dear Miss Angie,

The love of God endures forever! I'm very grateful to be one of your subscribers to your newsletter. I found very interesting and can help build up my family and of course in my spiritual life as well. More power to you and God bless us always. 

Sincerely yours,


Hello, This is S. I received your articles in my email from a good friend of mine a few days ago. I must tell you that I just loved this article  (communication) and, could not stop from reading on!!!
I have always been interested in people relationships (who isn't???), and this article really helped me to solidify certain beliefs that I kept inside but, could not easily manifest in reality due to a lack of courage. I realize now that in communicating my feelings in a calm manner with others in times of frustration can really resolve my stress that I have been experiencing lately these days. It will actually make my life easier. 
     Of course, the unconditional love I would require to carry out the communication in the right way so that it will not result in arguments. Only thing that really worries me is does this unconditional love thing really apply to dating relationships? Not give all attitude but, to let the man know how I really feel...wouldn't this usually sabotage the development of the relationship that it may "scare off" the man???

Love in Christ


Good afternoon.
Thank you very much for the Marriage Alive Newsletter. I would like to inform you of my new email address. Thank you and God bless you!


Dear Angie,

God is good all the time! Hello Ma'am, I just want you to know that I am so blessed and touched by your articles entitled "Forgiveness" and "Knowing Yourself" it gave a big impact to my life. Will you please do me a favor ma'am? Can you send a copy of those articles to my email address? I want to print them out so that every time I feel upset I will read them and for sure they will give me inspiration and to challenge me to go deeper in my relationship towards my fellowship and most especially to our God. Hoping for your kind and consideration. 
Yours Truly,

Please send to me your free newsletters through my contact address. I really appreciate your good job at Heaven Ministries. Please keep it up and do not relent in your efforts to proclaim the good news. Our society really needs it. 


Thank you so much for the Marriage Alive Newsletters. We now have a better understanding to be faithful to one another.
J & G. Q.


Hi Angie!
My name is S.H. By reading your articles (e-book) I realize how much I lack wisdom going into any relationship. But I am grateful to God that god is preparing me as a better partner for the future relationship through your ministry.
     I see God already working out and testing out some of your principles in my life, and I see god moving my life directing and guiding this special relationship in my life right now.
     I would love to read your articles and books, so please continue to educate young people like myself and save us from further headaches. 

God Bless!


Thank you, Angie, for your prompt reply, I will be looking forward for the next issue. I honestly love to write that one of my future goals is to publish at least one book in my life. I am very excited that you are providing this opportunity for me to participate in your publishing the newsletter!!! I was not expecting such a blessing!



Dear Angie,
Thank you for your reply and thoughtful feedback! I once have sent you a feedback on your article of Communication in relationships. I loved what I read!
     I'll be more than happy to share my thoughts with other readers of your newsletter!!!


I know it's a tough thing to practice, to have such loving patience, yet if people can just let the thought seep through their minds, I feel that it may help them to become more courageous to do so.


Dear Angie,

Thank you for writing me. I'm doing great here in the Philippines by god's grace and loving kindness. I praise and thank God. God bless you all through out. Reaching out with the love of Jesus. C. 

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