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We are part of a small group of people who chose, long ago to take care of our own health and not hand over that responsibility to the medical system. People think it strange and risky that we donít use the medical system but it has been a blessing. What it does is makes you accountable for your own body and that is a good thing.

Why Arenít More People Taking Health Responsibility?

The short of it is, itís not because they canít or wonít, itís because they never really thought that it was their responsibility in the first place.  They don't know how to take responsibility because they have learned to simply hand it over without question. And sadly, only a small percentage of people in the world have dedicated their lives to taking responsibility for their health and maintaining wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. 

Why We Donít Need Doctors or Pharmaceuticals

Yes, thatís right folks, no pills or doctors. Let me explain. We are a nation of people who have been led to believe that we need to ingest this pill and that pill for this ailment and that ailment. But pills just make us more dependent.  We do not want to be more dependent on the health care system, we want to be less dependent so we can learn to listen to our own body.

What we eat and how we live our life is each personís responsibility. Youíre in charge of your own body, You know your body better than anyone else would, right? Donít you live in your body? If you reside in your own body, then wouldnít you also know how to listen to it and take care of it? This is something so simple, yet people have been giving over health responsibility for hundreds of years. 

Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body is the single most important aspect of good health. Your body talks to you every day. Do you listen to your body? Do you feel sick or tired after eating or drinking certain foods? If you said no, I wouldnít believe you. Certain foods and medicines both have negative health effects. Can you tell when your body is being effected by a foreign, synthetic product such as pills? What about when you eat packaged, boxed, canned, processed substances they call food?

The most important part about being in charge of your own body is it tells you when something is not right. Then you can choose to stop doing that and or eating whatever it is that is disrupting your mind, body and soul freedom.

Do you remember when we treated the flu with chicken soup, saltine crackers and warm tea? And we always recovered within 3 or 4 days.  Boy times have changed. Our body does not need anything to help along the process of healing, it just happens.

How the Body Heals On Its Own, in a Nutshell!

In a nutshell, our bodies are made up of millions and millions of good cells that work to destroy pathogens, viruses, bacteria which then repair and build up our immune system.  The body also makes its own antibodies that rejuvenate and restore us back to health when we become unwell. And the best part about it is all of these good cells keep a record of the last known virus they just fought off, giving your body an immune boost to that same pathogen again. 

Natural Immunity

So in simple terms, if you become infected with influenza, for an example, your good cells will go to work for you and build up a defense barrier against that virus next time it comes rearing its ugly head near your body. Itís called natural immunity and we all have it.  Some people may have a stronger immune system or more antibodies because they have made good health choices for years.


What we just shared with you is established medical science that cannot be unwritten. Do you understand that? It means that no matter what may contradict established studies of science, it would not be truth. It is to your advantage always do your own due diligence and research. You will be rewarded for it.

Getting Healthy and Maintaining Heath

The path to good health and wellbeing is actually quite easy. You may not want to do it but itís as easy as getting up in the morning and going about your daily routine and it becomes habit forming. Yes, thatís right not all habits are bad. Many healthy people make many good choices for themselves and family every single day.

Most folks with a strong immune system will tell you, Itís about making healthy life choices every single day. They choose to live a healthy lifestyle by considering what they eat and drink, what they do, how they live, what they believe and allow within their psyche and much more on a daily basis.  We call this total health balance.  Total health balance is mind, body and spirit all working together. The mind helps digestion and digestion helps the mind. The spirit aids in our overall happiness and outlook on life, which absolutely benefits in the healing process within our body. 

Bottom line? The meaning of good health is having and maintaining the wellbeing of our mind, body and spirit; they all work together and are interconnected.  The time has come, we need to grab the reins and lead our own mind, our own body and our own spirit to the path of goodness, happiness, abundance and freedom before it becomes too late. Stay safe and be healthy!

Frank and Angie are strong advocates of natural health of mind, body and spirit; It is through soul-searching, independent study and life and health experiences, they can share the good news with you today.

Sugar Overload Syndrome
Healing Mental and Physical Disorders NaturallyFrontFinished-01.jpg (256180 bytes)

Itís hard to pass up treats made with sugar sometimes, but I know that I have to, or I will get ďsugar overload syndromeĒ. Eating too many sugary laden products made with refined flour literally make me sick, emotionally and well as physically. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a symptom of sugar overload syndrome. 

Hypoglycemia is not a disease like you have heard; it is a warning signal that lets us know we are overloading our body with too much refined products. It can be cured through proper eating. Low blood sugar attacks will not suddenly come back just because you had some ice cream or a candy bar, if you are already healthy.

Just because last month you had an attack of low blood sugar does not mean you are destined with this condition for the rest of your life. If you eat badly eventually your body will begin to reject what you are feeding it. These symptoms show up as ADHD, physical cravings for alcohol, bipolar, depression, hypoglycemia, diabetes, IBS, gluten intolerance, and low immunity. Refined foods do not have enough nutrition in them to support all of the bodily functions and the body becomes mineral and vitamin deficient.

Listen To Your Body

Do you know how to listen to your bodyís warning signals? My body lets me know right away if I have eaten too much sugar or refined flour products. I am already quite healthy - I cleanse my system once a year, briskly walk 3 miles every day, and eat a whole foods diet. I very rarely eat refined foods, but when I do, it doesnít affect me like it used to twenty years ago. Twenty years ago I craved alcohol and drink too much. But now through cleansing and healthy diet, I do not crave alcohol or sugar anymore like I used to.

When a body is not very healthy to begin with the warning signals are a bit harder to detect. Why is that? The unhealthy body is so overloaded with toxins that the warning signals have turned into health conditions like IBS, gluten intolerance, obesity, skin rashes, boils, asthma, fluís and colds, high or low blood sugar attacks, etc, etc, etc.  The good news is these conditions are still warning signals (symptoms) and you can heal your body naturally before these conditions turn into cancer and full blown disease.

Is Refined Sugar A Drug?

People who are afraid to give up sugar wonít admit that sugar is a drug.  The medical establishments, because they are afraid of the revenue they will lose, will not admit that sugar is a drug. But people who are healthy and who are not addicted to sugar products will tell you flat out that refined sugar is a drug. It acts like a drug in the system and causes numerous health problems that eventually lead to death.  

Think about this for just a moment. If sugar were not a drug then people wouldn't crave eating it, right?  You certainly do not have to go fanatical about sugar but everyone should at least try to cut down sugar in their daily diet; if they can't cut out sugar or cut down by a lot then they are addicted to it, plain and simple. 

It's ok to eat something made with natural sugars and or even having a little bit of product made with refined sugar (once in a while), but eating it every day is VERY detrimental to our health in MANY ways!

Is sugar a drug? It certainly acts like a drug for many people. To those with health symptoms such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, alcoholism, and attention disorders sugar acts like a drug, doesnít it?  So what happens when sugar and refined flour products are totally eliminated from the diets of people with the conditions above? They heal! You can be your own doctor by taking responsibility for your health today!

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Better Health, Better Life
Digestive Healing 

Better Health, Better Life.jpg (3297035 bytes)
What you will find in Better Health, Better Life is information gained through a lifetime of study, and actual practice.  We talk about results we ourselves and others have obtained with information we have already used, tested, and filtered for results obtained and we disseminate this in our writings.   

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The Alcoholism Trap

Book_Cover1.jpg (595331 bytes)

If you're looking for a loving way to take care of your family in the middle of this crisis, buy "The Alcoholism Trap". I believe it is helping me save my sanity, my girls' self esteem, and my marriage. It's up to my husband whether he will be saved from alcoholism, but I've made my choice! 
Make yours today!"
--Loving wife and mom ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

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