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Volume 2 Issue 14

On The Road Less Traveled 
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On The Road Less Traveled 

The Truth Sets You Free


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On The Road Less Traveled

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does no know God because God is love. 1 John 4:7-8

The desire to fulfill the purpose for which we were created is a gift from God. Knowing that our purpose is connected to the Spiritual Christ helps us greatly in finding and reaching our true purpose in life. 

The hardest part is in applying the gifts that will help lead us to our purpose in our own life.  Some of us open the gift given to us from God and find that it is empty inside. We don't see anything, and so we do nothing. Then a few of us open the gift and feel really great about our self and our life for awhile and then all the great feelings vanish all of a sudden and we stop trying to understand the power of the gifts. The rest of us struggle daily with the directions that come with the gifts. We try and do what the instructions say, but nothing in our life seems to change and we get discouraged. 

Could it be because we are walking the wrong road?  First of all we need to figure out what is in the package. What do the gifts consist of?  What is so powerful about them? And how can we use it to empower our own lives? All of these things and more can be found on the road less traveled. 

What is the road less traveled? It is the straight and narrow path. The path that tells us about  our self and all that we can become. The road less traveled relies on faith and spiritual guidance because we have full trust in God.  We trust that what God says is true and that we will live in eternal life with Him in heaven. 
I believe that God has given us several gifts all packaged up in one big gift. They don’t come out of the package all at once. The gifts come out in intervals and at different degrees for each individual. 

God wants you to be ready for each new gift before you start applying it into your life. Think of it as if you were a baby. Your mother puts a few baby crackers on your highchair, not the whole box. The same goes with understanding the gifts that God has given you. You can’t hand your five-year old a book and he starts reading. No. You first teach the child to pronounce the letters and then they slowly begin reading words that form sentences.  In the same way, when you are ready, and if you are searching for answers, you will understand the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is a spiritual growth process that entails being totally with Christ on the road less traveled. That means, you are not walking in front of Jesus like so many like to walk, but are following Him. He will always be the leader in your life, never the other way around. 



Trusting in God is very important and must shine through so bright that it fades out all other things that consume your life. You need to take hold of God's light by putting it into operation into your own life. There are a few things you should know first, and this will help you in understanding the spiritual gifts inside the package.

Have you ever thought about how you were made? God created you with a physical body, a mind that creates emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and last but not least, a spiritual portion. The spiritual portion is what gives you faith and trust in what you cannot see. So what would happen if you only used your self-based limited mind and body? Would you be a whole and complete person without the spiritual aspect of 'who you are'?  Let's find out.

If God created us in the physical, mental and spiritual, the above three elements make up the complete and whole person that we are. If we lack in any one of these aspects of our makeup, we are not utilizing the full potential of 'who we are'.  But now when we use all three qualities within our character, we become balanced and complete. That is, we are undivided with self, meaning we will not fight with self because we are content and assured  in being 'who we are'. We will not have little demons in the attic (negative feelings) telling us what to do and what to believe. And we will not have the flesh pulling at us because of temptations and we will also not behave self-righteous and proud. 

The spiritual element of 'who you are' is the manifestation of Jesus Christ.  So in essence, part of your character comes directly from your source. Now doesn’t that make sense? The spiritual portion when utilized to its full potential, by applying the gift of faith can control what the mind thinks and what the body does, if you let it be so.  This is the powerful gift of the Holy Spirit.  

And so if the spirit within our inner makeup is the manifestation of Jesus Christ, what will happen then if we do not accept what He has done for us? What if we do not believe in Him? what if we do not follow Him?  Then the Spirit will not be made known to us and we will never know what it feels like to actually be a whole and complete person and we will not know what it feels like to be truly saved.  

So why aren't more people applying the gift of the Holy Spirit into their lives? Two reasons that I can think of off the top of my head are because they do not know about the Spirit of Christ and two because of the "spiritually uncommitted attitude" that has gone into full stream in this society. Christ is with us right here and right now, everyday. He is in the hearts of those who believe in Him.  People have a choice as to what road they will walk on and they have chosen to take the road most traveled.   The road most traveled lacks in godly knowledge and wisdom. 

To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness. Ecclesiastes 2:26

The road most traveled goes something like this.  I'm cheerfully walking down the road most traveled and I desire something I know to be wrong, my spirit (the Spirit of Christ) lets me know about it.  I can either choose to stay on the road most traveled and become sin with sin or I can choose to listen to my spirit (the Spirit of Christ) and walk on the road less traveled. if I keep walking down the road of the majority, I am choosing to believe in my own self-seeking belligerent ways, and I wouldn't be allowing the spirit to do its work. That means I am only using two of the above elements of 'who I am'.  

God said that the greatest commandment was to love him with all our heart, mind and soul.  If I am not using my soul to love God then obviously my mind isn't either and where my mind is there also shall be my heart. So what happens to a belligerent person such as myself walking down the road most traveled? 

Well, if I continue with my "I don't care attitude" in life about what road I will take, I probably won't like myself very much.  In that case, I surely do not love 'who I am'. How can I truly love 'who I am' if I'm doing bad things to myself and body?  If I do not do anything good for myself, I cannot love who I am.  In other words, without my Spirit I am not complete enough to love even myself. And so now what happens? Negative feelings, thoughts and emotions begin to take over for me.  Now everything in my life is controlled by my feelings. My marriage, friendships, career, family, children, spouse.  I have created a foundation for my life based upon my own selfish and rebellious attitude begotten from walking on the road most traveled. How do I get off? Anyone can get off.  The question is, do you want to get off?

The kind of love I'm talking about isn't a self-based egotistical kind of love. It is the kind of love that allows you to free yourself from guilt, bitterness, anger, resentment, bitterness, etc.  When your own character is free from these negative aspects is when you can begin to love not just yourself, but others as well. This kind of love comes from God and frees you from being rapt up within what is now holding you back from accepting Christ's guidance for yourself.  Instead, you are guided by God's love for yourself and others. 

It all begins with what you are doing with the three essential elements of who you are. Remember what I said, it takes effort, at first, to tap into all the boundless love that God has for you. The effort to become love does come with great rewards for those who choose to pursue it. 

Did you know that Jesus’ love would wipe the slate clean if you allow it to be so? It doesn’t matter how many marks you might have or what they are for. All you need to do is surrender, by giving up your marks and start a new way of life with Jesus Christ. I did that. I have many things in my past that I am not proud of.  My marks covered the whole blackboard and I'm still erasing! I finally put up my arms in disgust with who I was and told Jesus to take it all away from me. I pleaded and begged with God from the bottom of my heart to free me from the sinful bonds that were controlling me.  I just got on my knees in the privacy of my own home and pleaded for my no good rotten life.  And I had many things controlling me, one of which was alcohol, and the other resentment.  My resentment controlled me to such a point that it kept me from doing things I wanted to do, and made me do things that were in great sin. Ah yes, but Jesus took that all away from me. 
If you have a slate that is full of chalk marks, it’s okay. We all have marks at sometime or another that we don’t feel particularly good about. One thing we will never be and that is perfect while living on earth. So until the time comes and Jesus takes our souls into heaven, we are to utilize here on earth the gifts that God has given us to pursue a moral, upright and peaceful life. And yes, we all make mistakes, but we are also to learn from those mistakes and never do them again.  

Now you can accept the gifts or deny the gifts.  The choice is yours.  I can tell you how to apply them, but I can’t apply them for you, as much as I would like to. If you are walking on the road most traveled, I must let you know that road is in error.  The people on that road talk a lot, but never do what they talk about. They tell others that they are walking with Jesus, but actually they aren't even on the same road as Jesus! This road has many blind people strolling its paths, leading them into endless temptations. 


The scary part about all this is once the heart is so deceived (diseased) because of walking on the road most traveled for so long, it becomes even harder to get off. You see, this road plays tricks with your mind, giving the appearance of righteousness, but it leads you further away from wanting to apply the gifts of God in your own life. Lets just say that the road most traveled is full of a bag of tricks. And if you're on it, you're getting tricked!

Let me explain, if Christ, the source of your existence is not first in your life, you most certainly will find that you’re dangling over the fence. Which side of the fence are you on? Where does your foundation for truth come from? What are you basing your life upon? 

You're not the only one getting bamboozled.  Everybody is getting tricked on that same road and they don't even know it.  The problem stems from lack of desire. The desire to hang onto Jesus Christ just isn't there! The desire to fulfill the purpose for which we were created is just not there! Therefore, lots of people are only halfheartedly pursuing Christ. The things of this world tell you to do one thing, while the things of the Spirit tell you to do another. The part of you that is rapt up in self causes you to sin and follow a foundation that leads to error.

Let’s take a look at some typical scenarios of rebelliousness and selfish seeking personality within an unspiritual emotional and mental attitude hanging in the rafts.  I'm walking on the road most traveled and have created a foundation for myself that is selfish, proud, and self -righteous. I believe I know everything there is to know about God. Therefore I do not ask for spiritual guidance, I am my own guide, besides I don't feel spiritual at all. I go to church, and even read the bible sometimes and nothing so far has changed for me.
And so because of my spiritual bankruptcy I wrangle with my feelings, emotions and thoughts on a daily basis, which keep me from being free, and feeling the whole and complete person God intended me to be.  My husband hasn't been there for me emotionally and mentally.  I tried to change my husband into what I wanted him to be, but it isn't working. and so I get out onto the road most traveled and they tell me it is okay to find a new husband and divorce the one I have. I believe them because their all doing it.  I just want to be loved and so I go out onto the road most traveled and get drunk and find a stranger who will says he will love me. At this point I am allowing my feelings to control my behavior. I do bad things to myself and body because I think it will make me feel better inside. But it doesn't make me feel better. It only makes me feel worse. So I do it again and again and again. My conscience tells me what a failure I am. I hate myself. My thoughts are only on what I can do for myself. What self-seeking pleasures that I can get my self into. I just want to have fun, who cares about anything else. I want, I want, I want! 

Scenarios like this happen everyday and every minute. Our conscience wages war within us, but we do not know how to get out.  We aren't asking for help, we are the masters of our domain! We think that we have the understanding to guide ourselves to salvation.  We become things that aren't us such as, homosexuals, lesbians, rapists, pornographers, murderers, thief's, resentment sowers, bad parents, greedy money mongers, drug addicts, egotistical and selfish rebellions, haters of what is different,  alcoholics, addicts, and downright bitter and diseased people. Some of us believe these things are not wrong. We conger up thoughts and ideas in our heads that give us the justification to be these things, so we become them. We change scripture for the benefit of our sin and even preach the untruth to others. This heavy load of denial is so strong in our minds that we don't see clearly enough to come out from the bondage of sin! Denial literally kills a persons soul. 

If you believe that you might be in denial Please! go back and read the Heaven Ministries Newsletter, "Am I A Christian?" Take your time as you read and have an application study bible handy, for easy scripture lookup. Don't let the road most traveled kill you!

Deniers of God's Word certainly are not going to get down on their knees and admit that they are retched sinners. Oh no! That would be very bad for the persona they have been carrying around with them for so long. And, anyway, what would their family think if they became Jesus freaks? Better to stay an addict, then deny yourself and follow Jesus. Maybe you think your family will disown you.  And what about your friends, job and career?  Nope, nope! Let's just stay on this crowded road where everyone else is, it must be the right road, everyone's on it! 

"Am I A Christian"

Here is another development on the road most traveled.  I am feeling dreadfully guilty over a past sin and can’t seem to get out of the rut I'm in. Instead of praying about it and finding solace in God my Creator, I go on a spending spree. I am depressed and cannot love myself. I don't know how to feel good. And so my desires and needs go after the wrong things even those things that I think will bring me happiness, peace and contentment. I buy a new $30,000 car and a week later, I still feel dreadful. I now can't pay my high mortgage payment and I'm going further and further into debt with a house and new car that I don't need. I only wanted to feel better and look good to other people, but now I'm in debt.  So now what? Buy another car? Get a divorce? Maybe if I found a new spouse, I'll feel better. I believe my spouse doesn't love me anyway.  We don't talk.

Does any of this sound familiar? And what about feelings of resentment? If we are harboring any thoughts that have offended us, whether from a spouse or friend, we can’t really give them all of who we are. Meaning if it is our spouse we are holding accountable, then we will not love them with genuine loving kindness. If it were a friend, we will hold back on giving them the respect and love they deserve. We just aren't with it. Our entire makeup is divided amongst itself, fighting--fighting with self, doing selfish things and behaving rebellious to God.

What is your weakness? Do you have an addiction, or become depressed, feel hopeless or behave needy and selfish to those around you. Are you tempted all the time. These things stem from the lack of the Spiritual Christ in your life, and grow bigger from the lack of the Spiritual Christ in your life. These negative things are created in the mind, sustained in the mind that is in denial and will remain your focus until, you say, "heck with all this petty nonsense! Jesus save me from the depths of hell that I am in." 

Once you understand and experience the awesome power of Jesus Christ, you can then live by his works and words. You will never want to look back. You will run towards the road less traveled faster then your little feet can carry you.  Jesus Christ presence in your life will give you the understanding that you need to figure it all out. Those that give up and veer off the road less traveled need more patience. The Spiritual gifts will be given to you when Christ knows that you are ready to accept them.

And Christ became a human being and lived here on earth among
us and was full of loving forgiveness and truth. John 1:14 TLB

A new spouse, lover, car, home, or addiction is not where happiness lies. Happiness is found through the love of Christ, which is your spiritual completeness.  Discovering the spiritual side of self is the missing link to becoming all that you can be. The spiritual aspect of self will be hard to find when you are walking on the road most traveled. Temptations loom on the road most traveled and before you know it has gobbled you up. Without even realizing it, you have allowed  beliefs into your world and those beliefs control your thoughts and behavior.  

The Truth is what sets you free from self.  To be able to truly love yourself, you need to plant the seed of Christ into your heart and strive to understand the word of Christ. If you ask for His guidance He will receive you and make everything apparent to you that you otherwise did not understand.  Many Christian's have the seed planted, but for some the seed has not sprouted. The reason this happens is they are too involved with their world and strive for what they desire. The seed of life will sprout in your heart when you give up your self to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He will help you to understand how to live by using the wholeness of your entire being, the flesh, heart, mind and the Holy Spirit.
As scripture says, “But now God has shown us a different way to heaven – not by “being good enough” and trying to keep His laws, but by…coming to Christ; no matter who we are or what we have been like.” Romans 3:21-22 TLB  


The Truth Sets You Free

I believe it is those people who genuinely want to help others who find the most contentment and peace in their lives. I believe that is what God meant by loving our neighbors. Helping those in need is a growing and healing process in itself. What keeps the alcoholic or drug addict from using? They surrender to their weakness and submit (give in) to Jesus Christ. The addict has come to realize that it is beyond their control to stay abstinent. Therefore, to stay clean, they let go of the addiction and become humble and submissive to the living God. 

What brings people to humble and surrender their old ways to Christ and become whole in Christ's love? Just about the same way as for the addict. They realize that this life on earth is not all there is to being happy, content and at peace in their lives. They want more and realize they do have a purpose for themselves, their family and others. Stuff and material possessions have not been enough to keep them feeling complete. They realize the smallness of who they really are without Jesus Christ and give up the bondage of their sin that has been controlling their lives for a new life with Christ.   They have come to Jesus because they realized they were in denial to the Truth. 

It is a fact; addicts stay clean and sober when they are helping other addicts to abstain. What keeps them going? Giving up their denial (addiction) to a higher power, uncovering their sinful past to Jesus Christ, as well as to others, and finally becoming whole through the spiritual growth process. But then there are those who are dangling over the fence, they just can’t seem to let their sin go. So what’s the problem?
They have not fully given themselves to Christ! It doesn’t matter what the weakness is, whether it be addiction or plain old resentment, it is the laissez-faire attitude many people perceive about Jesus Christ. They have not completely given way to the importance of the spiritual element within them to utilize it to its fullest degree. So in the mean time, they half-heartedly pursue Christ while still living in their dreams of denial. It is only when they can’t take it any more and hit bottom that they throw up their arms to Christ. But then it might be too late.
Here is a great and notorious piece of wisdom quoted from the Al-anon book, which sums it up well for all that I have been talking about thus far. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the power to know the difference.” This quote is not just for the addict; everybody can apply this little tidbit of wisdom into his or her life.

We may not be able to change others, that is true, but we can change our self. We can change just enough to start applying all the gifts our Creator has given us into our own lives. What we’re after here is not just to love others in the way they love you, but also to love others with the wholeness of who you are. Just as the addict cannot just stop their addiction and remain abstinent the rest of their lives without the power of God guiding their lives. No! They must fully surrender their old self to Christ to stay clean and sober - for good!

At this point, you may be thinking, “How can I be in sin? I am always doing good deeds for others and I already know how to love.”  Well, both of these statements may be true for you because that is all you know. It is your belief that generates these kind of thoughts within yourself.  As you  walk along the road most traveled, even with all the social and cultural changes that are ever present,  many things will justify in your mind the rightness of the path you are taking. This road seems so right and so you don't do anything about getting on a different road.  If you allow yourself to believe like this long enough you will not want to seek out anything else that might improve, or otherwise help you to grow more into the loving person you were intended to be. This is why Jesus Christ said the people were blind. Many of them weren’t literally blind, but close-minded to the Truth.


 John 12:40


Folks are blind to the truth and they don’t even know it. The unethical acquisitions of society come from denial. Of course it gets worse then just being in denial. The problem is that many stumbling blocks on the road most traveled are literally enabling everyone else's denial!  It is like a poor ole pathetic wife who thinks she is showing her alcoholic husband love by enabling his alcoholism.  Because she rescues him every chance she gets, he believes he doesn’t have a drinking problem and so continues drinking. How on earth will he ever get better if his wife continues to rescue his drunken behavior? In the same way exact way the things of the world justify unethical behavior that go against the principles of God's words!

Look at the fruits. What fruits do you see coming from society? Are there any?
In essence, no one realizes there is a better way to be happy, secure and content in their life. They are the masters of their minds, their beliefs have been justified and they are righteous in themselves. 
God did not create you for you to be only what you want to be, but what He wants you to become – full of Him. It is a never-ending journey on the road less traveled with Jesus.  I know that some of you will veer off the road less traveled and maybe even take a shortcut. Pick yourself back up and get back on that road!

It is absolutely necessary for your spiritual well being to stay on the road with Jesus.  Remember to always ask yourself, “Why am I here?”  “What is my purpose?” You will eventually come to realize and answer those questions by walking with Christ.  God wants you to love more fully, to be everything you can be for others, to show your love, to show your compassion, and to be a part of the Spiritual Christ. This is the reason behind your life. Christ wants you to get off the selfish pedestal you’re on and start working for Him and be His angel on earth.
The truth is what sets you FREE!


They answered him, we are Abraham's descendents and have never been slaves to anyone. How can you say we shall be set free? John 8:33