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April/May 03
Issue #7

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Spirit Within Us



Spirit Within Us
Chapter 1 
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Unwanted Separation

I received an email the other day from a distraught and saddened woman who has been separated from her husband for many years. This unwanted separation is beyond her control and she and her children are hurting deeply and are waiting patiently for his return. This woman will have to wait ten more years before she will see her husband again.  May God Bless her and give her Strength and Hope for the coming years ahead.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering from an unwanted separation from their loved ones. Being separated from loved ones isn't always easy, especially when the separation has been manifested without any input on our part. Such as for those men and women who are fighting for their country, and for the men and women because of their career have the need to travel extensively.

Whatever the cause of unwanted separation from our loved ones, it takes great courage and Faith from the heart to understand that you are never really alone even when you are separated from your loved ones and that God knows your suffering. That means when you ask for peace and contentment by applying the tools of  Faith and Trust, God will bless you with what you ask.

If your heart is troubled, you can always call upon God to renew your strength. Your suffering will ease, and the pain will go away whenever you put your trust in God.
I know it all sounds so simple. How can a person not feel pain and suffering? Let's read on and learn about the spirit that resides in you.


The Spirit Within Us
Chapter 1 

But only when we understand our spiritual selves can we utilize the tools that God assigns us. Every person is equipped with spiritual tools given to them by God. These tools are for us to learn by and for the provision of salvation. Contentment and peace of heart does not come by us alone, but is given to us as a tool by the Creator of the Universe. 

We must listen to the Spirit within ourselves to help us understand the meaning of complete peace and contentment. It is through the Spiritual self we will be given the true answers to our questions.

When Jesus' corporeal body left this world, He gave every person a breath of His Spirit - a piece of His Soul. What we do with this magnificent blessing is up to us. The Spirit we possess within ourselves is God who lives in us.

Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit, as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.
II Corinthians 5:5

Knowing this truth in scripture tells us that we are here for a purpose. Knowing we have been given the spirit will help give us the courage and patience to endure anything that comes our way. We ought to set our hearts on God's Love by loving the way God wants us to Love. 

By doing this, we will understand how to use the tools of our spirit to give us Hope and Love that God has bestowed upon us.

Spirit Within Us
Chapter II the tools

Those who obey His commands  live in Him, and He in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us; We know it by the Spirit He gave us.
1 John 3:24

Then we must know how to apply these Spiritual tools to our everyday lives so we can have Peace of mind, Happiness of heart and Hope for what is to come. Without any of these feelings residing within our being how can we be happy? If we are not happy, how can we Love those we are suppose to Love?

 Most of us use our own tools, the only tools we know of and which do not originate from God but through our own understanding of what we believe the truth to be.

It is through our own understanding that we guard against unwanted troubles and tribulations. But our own understanding does not know the beauty of the spiritual tools.

When we use our own tools, we might bring about negative feelings and poor judgment to the people we should be loving. We have been taught to utilize faith in and of ourselves instead of the Faith from God, which is the spiritual side of ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with trying to understand things through your spiritual self. When you do this wholeheartedly it is actually God guiding you with His spirit to the truth. When you follow His lead, you are doing His will, not your own will.

This is hard for many of us to do since we have been taught to lead, be aggressive and assertive. Yet we all must submit to God in this fashion to understand how the spiritual side of things work.

We don't understand how to use the tool of Faith because we don't believe in what we can not see with our eyes. Of course nothing spiritual is ever seen, therefore we must feel His spirit within us-in our hearts and minds. We must believe in Him who died for our sins. Without Faith guiding hearts, we have no tools to work with.

Because, Jesus is a spirit He works His will through us and we use His will unto others-if we allow it to be so.  This means we must believe in Him to understand our spiritual selves. Without belief, we are just a walking, talking body with no real purpose in life. The spirit is what gives us life. The spirit is what guides us unto the right path.

God loves us, faults and all. So then why are we having such a problem loving our neighbor and even our marriage partner? Why are we divorcing and carousing around like we live in Sodom and Gomorrah? Is this Sodom and Gomorrah?

Is Love slowly vanishing from the hearts and minds of the world. When this happens, we prevent ourselves from utilizing the love of the spirit that resides in us.

If we are judging others with negative feelings then we are judging wrongly. When troubles and trials head our way, we should not go by what we believe to be the right thing, but we should, from the heart, ask God to guide us with the proper understanding of  what is the right thing to say and do in difficult situations. Especially if it involves a loved one.

We should not continue on hurting one another. Instead lets try and Love. This would be applying the spiritual side of self.

It would be better to temporarily detach from a person and the problem if it is difficult to love properly. 


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Commentary by Sharon Han

"Every passing day is one that is gone forever. Make sure it is one in which you have done something for others, especially those who cannot do for themselves."

Each day passes by as lightening, and most of us are preoccupied in accomplishing our own agendas and strive to achieve those precious goals and dreams of life.

Giving our best in every breath of life is laudable attitude, whether it be in a moment of working hard, studying diligently, preparing for the upcoming projects ardently, or just taking a break from all so that we can be well adjusted in both mental and physical health...

Yet, amidst of all such preoccupation for attaining self betterment or, just simply performing life's duties, I wonder if we realize the helpless...

Oh, no.. this is not a promotion for salvation army project... Just anyone around us... yes, the homeless... yes, the poverty-stricken... or, even our friends and family members...

Not simply financial difficulties that they may be experiencing, but... perhaps, the broken heart from countless reasons as well...

Sometimes, the burden is so great that it is beyond our abilities to help, or beyond our scope of realization to grasp the reason why; however, if not anything, giving, those who are in need, just a word of encouragement, an expression of heart-felt love and care, or even a simple hug and a pat on the back would relay them the feel of how much they are remembered and that they are cared for... that they are indeed loved...

Sometimes, it is the beginning of the internal healing, which then eventually manifest in external manner as well. It all comes from the heart...

Sharon Han~


The Spirit Within Us
chapter III applying the tools

Since we originate from the image of God, we can understand then that a part of us Is Spiritual. Although we have mortal bodies, God gave us His spirit of truth to do His will here on earth.

Before we can use the spiritual tools given us, we must first Humble ourselves enough to realize that it is not through our own understanding of things that we will be brought to our spiritual selves, but through the letting go of what we see and hear as the Truth. 

The world lives by what they see and hear. By living through their own understanding the world has lost sight of what can not be seen with the eyes and what can not be heard by the ears. Through their own understanding and denying of the truth, the world has become what it is today. The world is in denial of spiritual understanding.

Understanding how to use the spiritual tools is the first step in applying them to everyday living. To use the tools properly, we must believe in what is not seen with our eyes and rely on the spirit of God that resides in our heart for  understanding of what truth is.

Having Faith gives us Hope for what is to come. Without Hope, where and what is the purpose of our existence? Faith gives us the courage to spiritually let go of our own understanding and rely on what God has to say about what is right and good.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5

Having Love and giving Love to others brings us contentment and peace of mind. By utilizing the goodness of our heart we become Love. When we become Love, we are totally with God, not with the world.

Love comes from the process of giving. One can't love another without giving up a part of themselves.

Acceptance of others and sacrifice of oneself make up what love is. To give is to love and to love is to give.  And I believe to truly love is to give up of oneself just like Jesus did.

Once we put into action the Faith in Jesus Christ and Love for others we can put them into service by utilizing them in every aspect of our lives. Even though we live in the world, we don't have to be ungodly like the world. We can project the Love from God onto the world.

During troubles and crisis we can ask God to help us with Faith and to not let our spirit bend, but to be unbreakable during hard times. We can help others and ourselves by applying the Faith that Jesus Christ died for the world and will come back for those who believe in Him.

Without having and applying Faith to our lives, we would not be able to utilize and understand how spiritual self and tools work. We must believe in what we can not see with all our heart, mind and soul.

This is understanding the spiritual self in all it's essence and glory. By applying all that is good and right onto all that is negative, we bring ourselves and anyone else in our paths peace and contentment and Hope.

It is through our spiritual selves that our actions speak for us and is how we show others, without the use of words, the reality of God and His Truth for the world.

Nothing speaks closer to the hearts and minds of lost souls then the actions we make from the spiritual level towards what is not seen, but what we believe and feel in our heart.

When we humble ourselves enough to let go of self and grip the unseen, we have done the true calling of Jesus Christ. We can be called givers and lovers for Jesus Christ.

For anyone can preach in church about what the bible says, but not anyone can actually LIVE by what the bible says.

ACTIONS Speak LOUDER then any words ever can. Let your actions come from what is not seen with the eyes, but felt with your heart.

May God continue giving us Hope, Faith and Love. Let His spirit continue to live in our hearts, mind and soul.

And if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead  will also give life to your mortal bodies through His spirit, who lives in you. Romans 8:11